Tuesday, November 30, 2021

B is for BLENDER

I've been a 3ds MAX artist/designer since version 1 of MAX (mid 1990's). June 2021 - I let my Max subscription lapse. Not a difficult decision given the cost, the age of the tools and other factors. Made all the easier when considering Blender's ascendance into prominence. That ascendance has three driving factors: 
 • Artists and the community using Blender 
 • The developers making the tools 
 • The members of the foundation supporting both 

Supporting my decision to adopt Blender as my 3d tool of choice is my desire to learn and grow as an artist and designer. Adopting a tool as fantastic as Blender serves that desire. 

This blog is still about education...with a specific focus on learning Blender. I'll be updating the structure of the blog as I continue my journey. 

So far, I've made a doughnut. With icing. 

Sprinkles are next.