Thursday, April 19, 2012

Visual Effects Reference

Excellent VFX reference...not to mention extremely fun to watch.

One of the main  principles in creating excellent visual effects explosions is to allow the viewer to see what they cannot see under normal circumstances: the shockwave, the point of combustion, the debris rain, etc. Creating this level of detail in CG requires an understanding of the elements and how and what we see.

Kevin Carey: The Higher Education Monopoly Is Crumbling As We Speak | The New Republic

Kevin Carey: The Higher Education Monopoly Is Crumbling As We Speak | The New Republic


DEVELOPED BY Harvard business school professor Clayton Christensen, the theory holds that there is a consistent pattern across a wide range of industries where disruptive competitors start by competing against non-consumption—that is, by selling inferior goods to people who aren’t served by existing producers. These are generally low-margin businesses that existing industry leaders have little interest in serving because they became industry leaders by selling the best, most profitable products to the consumers who have the most money. But over time, the new competitors get better and better at providing the product or service, expanding into successively more profitable parts of the market, until finally they displace the incumbents.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bacteria Communication

This fascinating look at how bacteria communicate opened my eyes to the possibilities of applying principles and elements of biological and genetic science to our work creating user experiences.

Friday, April 13, 2012


John Underkofflers brilliant work on a spatial interface to information. John is the scientist behind the gestural interaction paradigms seen in The Minority Report. Beautiful and fascinating.