Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Our Mind's Eye

Over 50% of our brain's "processing power" is devoted to processing what we see. The relationship between what we see and what we imagine that we see is explored in this fascinating video.

The scientific visualization of the brain as it processes the imagery and imagines the imagery is powerful -  the two processes - viewing and imagining are virtually identical. Consider, then, the reality that what we take into our mind through watching visual media does indeed stay with us...and we access it through our imagination, thereby seeing it again whenever we wish to simply "call it up" from our stored memory. And, the mind doesn't differentiate between seeing and imagining. This is why we can view media and suspend our disbelief.

The implications for the mental processes of imagination are quite astounding...and relevant to a host of ideas, concerns, challenges and opportunities for artists creating visual media.