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Teaching Philosophy

I approach teaching in the same way I approach my production work: constant collaboration, with the joy of creation and seeing a vision made real. I am driven, in equal measure, by artistic vision, practical realities and fundamental production process. When I see a story brought to life on screen in a perfect way I feel inspired to make something as worthy. When I see a student realize their vision I am inspired by their achievement.

My work as a teacher is informed by a devotion to the fundamental principles and elements of art and design. I want to be a part of a school which teaches a course of study anchored in time honored basics and dedicated to practical and experimental skills in areas of animation, cinematography, lighting, drawing, painting, sculpture and 2d and 3d design to inform and inspire digital content.

I agree with what Ed Catmull, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Pixar, said when he was asked what the most important skills for professional artists and animators to possess in the coming decade would be:

“Fundamental art and science skills: drawing, color, composition, lighting, study of motion. Every studio encounters people who think they can become an artist without developing those skills. Wrong.”

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