Friday, December 19, 2014

Last Day at The Art Institute of California San Diego

Today is my last day at AiSD. Perhaps in the coming days I will weigh in with some thoughts about "For-Profit" education in general and "Online" teaching specifically. Some thoughts on life as an adjunct may be relevant as well.

However - today, my last day, it's more evident than ever that the finest part of teaching is always the students. Joy in watching them learn, expand their capabilities and imaginations...and simply being grateful for the privilege of knowing and being with them for a short time on their Journey.

I've had two of the best Academic Directors at AiSD for bosses - first was Christian Bradley and now, Tricia Murray for the past two years. They exemplify leadership, vision, compassion, accountability and all the other characteristics an academic leader should have. It's sad that so many leaders don't learn the most fundamental lessons of true leadership, makes my appreciation for Christian and Tricia grow deeper as I consider how they lead. They are rare and uniquely vital, master educators.

My students made a Plaque for my office. Something I will treasure. Thank You!

Monday, February 10, 2014